Insolvency administration

Insolvency administration has a particular level of importance at our law company in accordance with our high level of specialization. Our administrators are recognized throughout Germany as experts with a vast level of skills. Our aim is to restructure companies effectively and to rescue even the most difficult cases. We are usually successful. We place the interests of the creditors and the employees in the foreground.


To obtain general information at any time on one of our current insolvency proceedings or to file a claim online,
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Examples of our successful action in more than 1,000 proceedings are for. B. Hess AG, Doll Fahrzeugbau AG, Ecoplant group Schiesser AG, Brocade AG, bäurer AG, Südmilch AG, G. Bauknecht GmbH, NKD, Bleyle GmbH, and Traub AG.

Besides pure insolvency administration, we can also advise you with the highest expertise and international experience in the event of a reorganization or restructuring, the acquisition of trusteeships in the fields of executive/management liability, as well as the mergers and acquisitions of companies, both within and outside of bankruptcy. We also advise on the winding-up of companies, as well as on the fields of distressed debt and non-performing loans.

Insolvency labour law

Insolvency proceedings are always associated with questions of individual and collective labour law, in which we give companies and insolvency administrators comprehensive advice. Necessary restructuring actions or transfer reorganisations call for negotiations with works councils and/or trades unions about company agreements, reconciliations of interest and redundancy schemes. Lay-offs and subsequent legal disputes, in which we represent our clients’ interests, are often inevitable. Another focus is advising on labour law due diligence in connection with company acquisitions and/or sales.

Insolvency law

Insolvency law has been a special focus of our work since the company was founded in 1965 and many of our lawyers have outstanding expertise in this area. Our insolvency law expertise comes to the forefront in active insolvency administration. We also put our skills and knowledge into practice for you in advising on reorganisation prior to the opening of insolvency proceedings, as well as in negotiations on transferring the reorganisations or disputes with insolvency administrators due to contested claims, for example.

Our passion and expertise is also reflected in numerous specialist publications, memberships in expert committees of the legislature, and work in insolvency associations and working groups.

Insolvency administration

Our insolvency administrators are experts recognized throughout Germany with a vast level of skills. They see themselves as active rescuers of the companies they are representing; our goal is to find the best solution for the company concerned, in the best interests of creditors and employees. You will have a highly qualified team of dedicated professionals at your side – we can administer companies of virtually any size. Where it is possible and feasible, we will draw up insolvency plans  assume responsibility as insolvency monitors.  

Up to now, over 1,000 insolvency proceedings have been carried out by our company’s lawyers. Examples of our successful application include Hess AG, Doll Fahrzeugbau AG; Ecoplant-Gruppe, Schiesser AG, Brokat AG, bäurer AG, Südmilch AG, G. Bauknecht GmbH, NKD Vertriebs GmbH, Bleyle GmbH, and Traub AG. That is why the JUVE Manual of Commercial Law Firms ranks us among the best insolvency administration firms in Germany.


The liquidation of companies and/or the closure of businesses and parts of businesses that we take over for our clients can be carried out as an alternative to conventional insolvency (or in addition to it).

Many years of experience from the settlement of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings let us to conduct such procedures effectively.

Insolvency monitors

If a self-administered into consideration, the court will appoint an insolvency monitor in place of an insolvency administrator. In addition to assessing the economic situation of the debtor, the main task of the insolvency monitor is to oversee the management of the company.

Our experts take on the position of insolvency monitor in cases appropriate for this modern element of restructuring. Martin Mucha has successfully contributed as a insolvency monitor to the company reorganisations at Brabant Alucast Germany and Gatter KG, for example.

Shielded insolvency proceedings

The recently introduced shielded proceedings pursuant to Section (§) 270b of the Insolvency Act (InsO) are, contrary to some media reports, a special form of insolvency proceedings, in which insolvency plan (under the supervision of an insolvency monitor) can be drawn up in a short period.

It calls for extensive knowledge and experience to successfully carry out shielded insolvency proceedings. In these proceedings, our insolvency specialists take over the role of the insolvency monitor or draw up an insolvency plan. Dr. Wolfgang Bilgery has already successfully drawn up an insolvency plan in one of the first major shielded insolvency proceedings as an insolvency monitor, covering various elements of the Drescher group of companies, and so has successfully conducted shielded an insolvency proceedings.