Advice on reorganisation

Alongside insolvency administration, the provision of comprehensive legal advice on reorganisation to companies and their creditors during a corporate crisis is one of our company's key areas of activity. Cooperation with financial investors and credit institutions has significantly shaped our company’s profile. For decades, we have been helping to reorganise and restructure companies of all sizes, in some cases outside of formal insolvency proceedings. This knowledge and experience has given us company a sound and economically-oriented basis in legal advice and the representation of interests. Our clientele therefore includes renowned domestic and international companies, banks and financial investors.

We have a very high level of expertise and international experience and see ourselves as all-round providers of support for our clients in a crisis, and assume trusteeships, advise on liquidations, corporate acquisitions and sales -both inside and outside of insolvency- as well as in the fields of distressed debt and non-performing loans. Formal insolvency proceedings, with the special opportunities these offer may also be an economically better solution for the business. In such cases, our insolvency administrators are nationally recognised experts who are in great demand.

Labour law

Labour law measures are typically needed at some stage during company reorganisations. We advise and support companies in all questions of labour law, in particular when drawing up reorganisation measures and in negotiations with works councils and/or trade unions. We advise on all aspects of industrial constitution law and collective bargaining legislation while negotiating company agreements, reconciliations of interests and redundancy schemes on your behalf. Furthermore, we advise management staff affected by such crises.

Company law

In a corporate crisis, it is essential to monitor the corporate law situation, in order, for example, to avoid any impact for the investors. Another focus is on advising corporate bodies, in particular managers, on the scope of their rights and obligations. We also provide comprehensive advice in all areas of capital law and partnership law. In cases of reorganisation and crisis, you will benefit from our many years of diverse and rich experience, such as in collaboration with insolvency administrators.

Our clients include a wide variety of companies. Alongside family-run medium-sized enterprises and companies listed on the stock exchange, they also include strategic and financial investors.

Non-performing loans (NPLs)

We offer comprehensive advice in the selling or purchasing non-performing loans (NPL), as well as in the servicing or workout of such credit commitments in the area of corporate finance, as well as in property-secured financing.

On the vendor side, we support banks in selling individual commitments or by structuring credit portfolios through the legal support of the entire sales process (selection and composition of credit portfolios, file preparation, vendor’s due diligence, investor approach, Q&A process, and transaction advice until the conclusion of a contract). We also provide domestic and foreign investors with legal advice on the acquisition and processing of non-performing loan portfolios.

Furthermore, we regularly advise departments of banks and financial service providers on dealing with non-performing loans.

Reorganisation and restructuring

We have decades of proven expertise in corporate restructuring and reorganisation, and provide our clients with economically viable solutions, developed in an interdisciplinary way.

Our areas of expertise in this field include corporate, insolvency and labour law issues, as well as corporate transactions and trusteeships. In addition to advising companies of all sizes, we also support company investors, management bodies and (institutional) creditors.

Thanks to our independence, we are appreciated in restructuring as a mediator between conflicting interests. We create confidence through our solutions.


In a corporate crisis, confidence is an essential ingredient of a good solution. Our experts take over operational responsibility as (dual purpose) trustees, as well as acting as pool leaders or security trustees for banks.

Here too, our clients benefit from our legal expertise and years of knowledge of the market. We hold in trust the shares of companies with annual sales of several hundred million euros, or administer the collateral for their lenders.

The “JUVE Handbook on Commercial Law Firms 2014/2015” confirms our expertise in this area and maintains: “Especially with trusteeships there was a big boost, the large middle class with complex financial problems is affected.” Competitors recommend the company as “excellent in difficult trusteeships”.

Company acquisitions in special situations
(distressed mergers and acquisitions)

With several decades of expertise and involvement in numerous transactions, we offer comprehensive legal advice on corporate acquisitions and company sales, and on the implementation of corporate law procedures such as reorganisations and capitalisation measures (company acquisitions, M&A). The focus is on the reorganisation and restructuring environment (distressed M&A), but it also goes further.

We advise and support companies, entrepreneurs, shareholders and other investors, especially in the reorganisation of corporate law arrangements such as out-sourcing, mergers, spin-offs and start-ups.

In the field of distressed M&A, the experience gained in insolvency, self-administration and insolvency plan proceedings by our company’s lawyers, as well as the cooperation with many regionally active insolvency administrators form situations a considerable basis for advising on the sale or acquisition of companies, whether via asset deals or share deals.

Our expertise extends to manufacturing companies of various sectors, to the real estate industry, to the over-the-counter retail trade and online commerce, manual crafts, as well as to the construction and power generation industries (including alternative energy).